Our Technology

Technology is the next BIG thing in Construction. Our investment in people and equipment allows us to work smarter and faster. And that saves money for our customers.


A real game-changer. Drones allow us to create accurate, high-resolution maps, reports, and 3D models, as well as 2D live maps for immediate analysis. Collaboration within the construction team is more effective and efficient.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) continues to be a catalyst in fundamentally changing our building process. BIM increases precision by providing detailed depictions of all aspects of the project in an open and highly interactive environment.

GPS Machine Control

GPS machine control is transforming the traditional approach to construction in the field. Our excavation and utility crews have the latest and greatest GPS tools – at their fingertips. Accuracy is precise; productivity is increased; Bottom Line – Better Results.

Project Management

Using tools like Plangrid, Procore and Sharefile, communication between the office and the field is real-time, easy and effective. We can now instantly distribute plans and documents that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable.

Money Matters. We take a conservative approach to our growth.
Financial Capacity